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MindStir Media
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Call 1-800-767-0531 to speak with a specialist. MindStir offers custom book design; self-publishing in multiple formats; mentoring from a bestselling author; a full array of book marketing services; and more!

Who Works with this Self-Publishing Company?

Unique self-publishing company MindStir Media, owner of, helps authors of all types -- doctors and other hardworking professionals; bestselling authors; stay-at-home moms; and first-time authors. Since we support a diverse group of authors, we believe in providing our authors with personalized/individualized support -- based on the needs of each author -- prior to publication and beyond. We never treat our authors as numbers like some of the larger self-publishing companies do.

Top Reasons Why Authors Choose Self-Publishing

1. Control: Self-publishing allows the author to have control over all aspects of the publishing process.

2. Speed: Unlike traditional publishing, self-publishing can be achieved in just a few months (or less).

3. Profit: Self-publishing authors make more profit per copy sold than the authors who publish via the traditional route. See more at why self-publish