What running has taught me about writing

Paula Wiseman, bestselling author at self-publishing company MindStir Media, guest blogged over at the MindStir Media blog recently. Her post, entitled “What running has taught me about writing” succinctly describes the top 5 writing lessons she’s learned from being an active runner.

Here’s an excerpt:

A few years back, determined not to carry post-pregnancy weight with me to the grave I started running. I have never been especially athletic so this was a new adventure. I soon discovered that the things I learned from running I could easily apply to writing.

1. Be patient. Progress comes slowly. Good grief, it took forever to build up any real endurance. In the same way, writing progress, building a reader base, hearing from folks you submitted work to are all slow-moving things requiring tremendous patience.

2. Good habits are critical. Even the bad days count. Some days the best thing I can say about my running is that I got sweaty. However, that habit of getting up out of bed, putting … [CLICK TO CONTINUE READING…]

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Self Publishing Company’s Author is Bestseller Again

One of our brands, custom self-publishing company MindStir Media, was happy to announce on Friday that Paula Wiseman’s award-winning novel CONTINGENCY recently ranked #272 overall in the Kindle Store, with top spots in Christian Fiction, Religious Fiction, and Religious & Inspirational Fiction. Both the paperback and Kindle versions have spent time on Amazon.com bestseller lists since the title released December 2010.