Self-Publishing Company – The Benefits of Using One

A small percentage of self-publishing authors are able design their own books; connect with a quality book editor; setup distribution; find a high quality book printer; handle all the marketing; etc. The majority of self-publishing authors choose to work with a self-publishing company because it’s very convenient to do so. Simply put, it’s easier — and less time consuming —  to work with a professional self-publishing company that specializes in helping authors with book design, book editing, self-publishing in multiple formats, book distribution and book marketing. Remember, though:  Not all self-publishing companies are equal, so do your research!

MindStir Media, the self-publishing company that owns this website, is very unique. MindStir offers several self-publishing options and each one includes mentoring from a bestselling author. That’s right; if you sign up with MindStir you’ll have a bestselling author offering you ongoing information about book marketing strategies and more. We’re not aware of any other self-publishing company that provides this type of service. Here are some of the services that MindStir supplies in addition to the mentoring service:

  • Custom book cover and interior page design.
  • Paperback, hardcover and e-book publishing.
  • Royalties up to 100%.
  • A full range of book marketing services.
  • Professional editing and ghostwriting services.
  • Full-color children’s book publishing & children’s book illustrations.
  • Twitter and Facebook marketing.
  • Global distribution via and its international sites;;;; and many other online retailers. Also wholesale distribution through Ingram and Baker & Taylor.
  • Personalized customer service/author support.
  • Fast, high quality print-on-demand printing.
  • Royalties paid to authors each quarter.
  • Book discount program.
To contact us, please call MindStir Media at 1-800-767-0531, visit the MindStir Media website, or complete the form on the right side of this page.